A big part of the fun Sunday will be the gambling. It's not legal to bet actual money -- I won't tell if you don't -- but you can still take advantage of the many different way to enjoy the game.

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There's something for everyone!

Here's some of the best (and most twisted) things you can bet on, courtesy of the online betting website Bovada. Season to taste, and embrace your inner bookie!

Will there be an earthquake during the game? Yes is 10-1 odds.

Will Peyton Manning retire right after the game? Yes is 5-1 odds.

Will he cry at any point? Yes is 6-1 odds.

Over/under on the TV announcers using the words "dab" or "dabbing" (in reference to one of Cam Newton's celebrations): 2.

Over/under on panoramic shots of the Golden Gate Bridge, even though the stadium is about 50 miles away from it: 1.

What color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach? Orange is even money. Blue is 3-1 odds. Clear and yellow are 4-1. Red (that stains) is 6-1. Green and purple 10-1.

What will Coldplay's first song be during the halftime show? "Adventure of a Lifetime" is 2-1 odds. "Fix You" is 7-2. "A Sky Full of Stars" is 9-2. "Viva la Vida" 5-1. "Clocks" (the smart money if you want to take a chance) is 15-2. "Paradise" is 10-1.

What color shoes will Beyonce be wearing when she goes up on stage? Black is 3-2 odds. Gold or brown is 5-2. White is 11-4. Silver or grey is 19-4. Any other color? 7-1.

Will Left Shark return this year? If you think so it pays 15-1.

There's a whole bunch of straight-up bets that can be done on the coin toss. Is it heads or tails? Who wins the toss? Did the team picking heads or tails get it right? Does the team that won the coin toss win the game?

Over/under on Lady Gaga's rendition of the national anthem: 2 minutes, 20 seconds. (Note: average length from the last 10 Super Bowls is 1:57.)

Which number is higher? Points scored by the winning team Sunday? Or percent of votes Donald Trump receives in the New Hampshire primary?