My son is only 6 months old, however I have many friends with teenage kids. When I read about this app today, my first thought was that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is going to spend the $1.99 to purchase it.

The app is called "Ignore" and it claims to force your kid(s) to check in with you whenever you request them to, or else their phone will not function. I have not tried the app, so I have no idea how, or if, it works. But what a genius idea by the mom who created it! Her name is Sharon Standifird, and she was tired of her teenage kids always ignoring her calls and texts, so she set out to find a solution.

From what I gather, if you request a check in from your kid, and they do not respond, they will not be able to text or call anyone else (except 911 in an emergency) until they respond to you first.

Here is a link to the app on the Google Play store. Ignore App