One of my biggest guilty pleasures in life is BBQ. I call it a guilty pleasure because if people knew just how excited I get over good BBQ, they would probably think there was something mentally wrong with me. When my wife and I go on road trips, we always plan on finding a place with a smoker to satisfy the craving.

If I am ever on death row, you can best believe my last meal will be a giant plate of pulled pork, brisket, and ribs. So it should be no surprise that I am excited for BBQ'Loo & Blues Too, which runs today and tomorrow, in downtown Waterloo. Lincoln Park is the epicenter for the BBQ competition and where the blues bands will be playing, and one of the park benches will be the epicenter for my BBQ gorging binge!

Hope to see a lot of folks out there, for all the details about the 2-day event click this link: BBQLoo!