There is always something new you can learn on the Internet, especially when a website (and Windows itself) is constantly updating things. Because a rolling stone gathers no moss, right?

Facebook -- who we already know is not your friend...if you don't believe me watch this:

Now that you know what you're in for when you do anything on Facebook, keep in mind the stalkers have a new weapon: Facebook is now allowing people to search what people like!

I decided to experiment by Facebook-stalking a fellow Waterloo Broadcasting employee, just so I can show you how much trouble I can get into how easy it is:

Q923waterloo Facebook screenshots

Yeah, "photos liked by __________________" means you can't just go around liking pictures of random hot people semi-anonymously anymore. Just type in the name of the person you wish to stalk, and then bask in all the negative energy that follows from knowing too much.

You'll notice there is a "See More" link. Oh, if you want to bust someone, you'll adore the "See More" link. It doesn't put it in chronological order, but if your man likes a bunch of female profile pictures, it may not really matter. I am not going to tell you how to stalk your man.

Is this why I don't like much on Facebook? No, I am just a naturally grouchy human being, but now I am glad I am that way. FYI, I am also paranoid.