Like Star Trek before it, Game of Thrones has given eager fans plenty to decipher by the creation of its own unique languages, which themselves occasionally offer easter eggs into the mythology. One such secret arrived with Sunday’s death-laden Season 6 episode, as fans managed to translate the Valyrian prayer Melisandre utilized to resurrect … well, [SPOILER].

You’ve practically no business on the internet by now, to not be warned of spoilers from Sunday’s latest Game of Thrones, but yes, dear reader. Jon Snow lives. He is officially no more. He has no longer ceased to be. He’s un-expired and returned from meeting his maker. No longer late, but early, and so on, and so forth. Either way, it seems Melisandre’s halfhearted attempt to tap into unexplored powers from the Lord of Light paid off, particularly the Valyrian prayer that Reddit was kind enough to translate.

Note the High Valyrian above, and the bolded translations below:

Zyhys oñoso jehikagon Aeksiot epi, se gis hen syndrorro jemagon.

We ask the Lord to shine his light, and lead a soul out of darkness.

Zyhys perzys stepagon Aeksio Oño jorepi, se morghultas lys qelitsos sikagon.

We beg the Lord to share his fire, and light a candle that has gone out.

Hen syndrorro, oños. Hen ñuqir, perzys. Hen morghot, glaeson.

From darkness, light. From ashes, fire. From death, life.

It’s difficult to discern if in fact these same words brought back Beric Dondarrion in Season 3, as Red Priest Thoros of Myr was equally astonished to find his resurrection prayers so effective, though the only onscreen use was largely inaudible.

Either way, Melisandre has yet to see the fruits of her labor, and casting said spell didn’t appear to drain her youthful glamour, so what can we expect from the Red Woman’s Lord of Light powers going forward into Season 6?