New phones are great. I (finally) upgraded from my Samsung Galaxy S2 to the S6, and it's more work than I ever thought it would be.

There's a reason why I have kept the S2 (the small blank phone on the left) for basically three years. It's not because I couldn't afford to upgrade to the bigger, majestic, flat-out gorgeous piece of machine on the right that I cannot stop staring at.

There's a reason why I put up with the S2 being so damn sloooooow. There's a reason I tolerated certain apps becoming unavailable to me and my dinosaur smartphone.

The reason is I have to switch stuff over, and that's a lot of work, and I hate work.

Not everything needs to be switched, though. At the store they had this box that you plug the new phone into and the old phone into, and it transfers quite a bit of information.

It did transfer every email address I've ever sent anything to or received anything from on Gmail into my contact list. It did transfer my pictures and music, some of them now appear on my new phone twice. It transferred some of my apps.

Because I have a fossil of an old phone, I spent 90 minutes in the store, as the equipment didn't even want to deal with my S2. I am mostly good, as I spent the great deal of my Sunday relogging into all my accounts and apps that needed a username and a password.

A couple of apps -- like Angry Birds Star Wars for instance -- are so different now, and by different I mean worse and just had to be deleted.

Other than weeding out the duplicate songs and pictures, all I really have to do is take the photos I want for my lock screen and home screen wallpaper and configure them so they fit (a massive pain in my butt) and manually reenter every blocked number from my old phone's blacklist onto my new phone (ugh).

It will be worth it when I get it all done. This new phone has a built-in armor casing around it, so it's kind of like my heart, and I dig me this new phone. I'm looking at it right now as I type this. I may become one of "those people", the people who can't get their face out of their computer/tablet/camera/game player/music player/alarm clock/flashlight that just happens to be able to send and receive phone calls.

Pray for me.