I remember growing up, every Saturday night I would wait for 10:30pm because that's the one time per week that Fox aired 

American Gladiators. I still remember all those gladiators, they were like super hero's come to life. Well now your kids can watch the show you grew up on, well at least the new 2014 version.

American Gladiators originally aired from 1989 to 1996 and featured amateur men and women as they competed against each other as well as the show's "Gladiators," who had names like "Nitro," "Laser," "Zap" and "Ice." The show spawned several international adaptations.

In a nod to modern times,  the new American Gladiators will incorporate elements inspired by the popularity of both The Hunger Games and mixed martial arts. "Times have changed,". "This one is totally different. It's more post-apocalyptic. But it's the same spirit."

It's been in development  for the past seven months and will be shopped  to broadcast and cable networks in the coming weeks.