Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. You get to dress up and act like someone, or something, else and you get FREE CANDY!

We're at a loss coming up with a better way to spend an evening. There are a TON of great costumes out there, but we came up with the top 8 costumes you could make, that make sense for our specific region...the Cedar Valley.


  • 1

    A Compass Facing West

    Because no one wants to go to the 'East Side' of anything.

    Nastco - ThinkStock
  • 2

    Cedar Falls City Limits Sign

    Because no one from Cedar Falls will go past it and end up in Waterloo.

    Photo By: Elwin Huffman - Townsquare Media
  • 3

    A North Cedar Canoe Pirate

    It doesn't matter if it rains a little or a lot, if it rains, someone in North Cedar will be flooded out and have to resort to taking a canoe to get to and from places. "Arrrrrrrrr, me matey, ya must be from North Cedar."

    ImageCountry - ThinkStock
  • 4

    A Parking Space

    Because parking sucks EVERYWHERE in the Cedar Valley. Did the city planners not envision a world where everyone owned a car?

  • 5

    A Stoplight

    There is no where we've been that has the horrible stoplight timing like the Cedar Valley. Especially on 218 South.

    Scott Olson - ThinkStock
  • 6

    A Woodchip

    This is in honor of the wet, soggy mess that tends to invade Sturgis Falls and Gateway Park every year.

    Jupiterimages - ThinkStock
  • 7

    A Turn Signal

    You'll have to explain this to people, because we're pretty sure no one in the Cedar Valley knows what these are.  Every car comes with them. No one here uses them.

    Stefan Zaklin - Getty Images
  • 8


    Sure, the Presidential Election is coming and that's a heated issue, but nothing compares to the outrage of placing roundabouts on University Avenue.

    smontgom65 - ThinkStock