People love their homemade pop-culture outfits on October 31. Just because you can, just because you're fun and fresh and topical, doesn’t mean you should though. Sometimes "provocative" just means "tacky", and I run my mouth on the radio for a living. I know what I am talking about.

Here are some costumes that you should steer clear of this Halloween unless you want to piss people off. The E! network inspired some of these, and I've added some too:

* Rachel Dolezal
* Bill Cosby (if you do go this route make sure to wear a college sweatshirt)
* Jared Fogle (sandwich and DVD optional I suppose)
* Josh Duggar
* Kaitlyn Jenner
* An cheater (can you just dress normal for this?)
* Cecil the Lion and David the Killer Dentist
* Syrian refugees (What?)
* Sexy Donald Trump (the Q92.3 Facebook page says I should be this)
* Any “zombie“ version of a deceased celebrity
* Megyn Kelly as a bloody tampon (What!?)
* Clock-building teen Ahmed Mohamed
* A school shooting victim (actually any shooting victim.......when trying to come up with Cedar valley-themed Halloween costumes the one most people mentioned would be "Waterloo murder victim")
* Burger King's Halloween Whopper and the green poop (what's worse, that the poop costume is the female half's costume? Or that it is a SEXY GREEN POOP costume? I'll say this though, if you can make green poop sexy then you must look good.)