Deputy Harold Oliver has been named Black Hawk County's deputy of the year for 2016.

Sheriff Tony Thompson announced this year's recipient on Monday (Dec. 19). Thompson said Oliver was recognized for his continuing positive attitude, his upbeat approach to his duties, and his friendly demeanor.

When nominating him, one of Oliver's peers commented: “Harold is genuinely one of the nicest guys I know… both inside and outside of work. He always tells me to have a great day, or to be safe out there. I can imagine if he’s this way with someone he barely knows, it would be great to work alongside him.”

Deputy Oliver was also also recognized in response to his actions on May 12, 2016. While on his way to work that day, at approximately 6:30 a.m., he witnessed an incident near Kwik Star on Franklin Street in Waterloo, where shots were fired. Thompson said Oliver calmly responded, secured his service weapon and engaged the suspect, holding him at gunpoint and directing responding units. Oliver's quick action is credited with the saving life of the shooting victim.

“Deputy Harold Oliver’s commitment to his fellow officer, the public we serve, and his dedication to his duties in the Civil Division certainly make him an outstanding choice for this year’s Deputy of the Year," Thompson said. "Deputy Oliver’s quick thinking and calm, tactical response demonstrate his exceptional caliber as an officer and represents the very highest of standards in the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office."

Oliver is assigned to the 1st shift Civil Division.