It used to be a display of scantily-clad women of certain sizes that some people thought objectified women in an unrealistic manner. The 2016 swimsuit issue is different.

Ashley Graham is the cover model this year. She wears a size 16 -- I don't like the phrase "she is a size 16" because you shouldn't define a woman by what size clothing she wears -- and is making history as the first "plus-sized" swimsuit model on the cover.

Just like with the refocusing of the Barbie dolls, this is a shift in philosophy to reflect society more accurately.

The issue still has plenty of "swimsuits", which I define as suits that have pieces loose or missing (body paint is not a swimsuit accessory), and can be viewed the same objectifying way, but if they're including a more positive message about womens' figures does that change your view of the swimsuit issue?

Or is it still just gratuitous nudity that has nothing to do with sports?