So I keep seeing these Fidget Spinners slowly taking over my my social media walls. I know I'm not the hip/cool dad, but I need your help to explain the craze.

(Courtesy: Eh Bee Family via YouTube)

I realize that I'm not the cool/hype parent, but I usually get the latest fads that kids of this era find entertaining. The Fidget Spinner is one I'm still trying to figure out.

What I seen so far about this device is that you hold it between your index finger and your thumb. It has ball bearings in the middle of it, and using your other index finger, you spin the apparatus. And it spins and spins with a slightly hypnotically power that draws you in.

Once you become comfortable with the device, you can perform tricks with it. Balance it on a finger, toss it from one hand to the other, and so on. I've seen hundreds of videos of people doing tricks. All trying to out do the other. Is this the modern day version of the hacky sack? Will college campuses be flooded with students show off their tricks in the Commons?

Kids all over the country are starting to go crazy for these things, and I do mean CRAZY...

These Fidget Spinners are being billed as a cure for boredom, and it promises to help you maintain better focus. One of the more bolder claims is that it can help you stop smoking.

What little research I've done so far is that it is a helpful tool for parents of children with autism, ADHD or anxiety. I understand that, but I personally think they are more of distraction. I guess that's why schools across the country are starting to ban them.

Maybe these Fidget Spinners are are the key to solving world peace (as the video below implies). Maybe everyone can spin their Fidget Spinners to world peace, but until that moment of perfect harmony, can someone can explain the craze to me.

The price range of these items range from $3-$30 dollars, but I've seen a few going for thousands of dollars.

Based on that price range, I think I'll just stick with my squeezy stress ball race car.

(Photo: Bucky Doren)