Mash-ups: an exciting parallel world of unstoppable possibility, where Justin Bieber and Slipknot can live together in musical matrimony forever. At last!

The Legendary Miss Britney Spears' "Make Me" is barely a few weeks old at this point, but mixers, mashers and up-and-coming producers are already steadily at work turning out Brit Brit's lead single off her upcoming ninth LP, which is coming "very soon," from artsy-fartsy into something more dancey-fancy. (Case in point: the above-average Trace Adam remix.)

And now, there's something for loyal card carrying members of both the Arianator community and the Britney Army to enjoy: this "Make Me...Break Free" mash-up, courtesy of Logan Mashups.

Bolstered by the throbbing beats of Ari's big ol' 2014 My Everything bop "Break Free," Britney's not-so-poppy new #chill single gets an added jolt of dance floor energy. Perhaps she'd like to start rehearsing this one at the dance studio as well?

Check out the Ari-Brit Brit mash-up above, and for more, check out some of our favorite, most unexpected pop mash-ups ever.

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