Remember the story of hitchBOT, the hitchhiking robot trying to travel the country?

I told you not only on the morning show but also here about how excited I was about the prospects of maybe picking him up and helping him -- I always assumed it was a him -- go from Boston to Los Angeles.

I also told you how legitimately P.O.'d I was when some terrible person took hitchBOT out, complete with surveillance snuff footage. This wasn't radio-personality-schtick outrage, I was so mad I felt like crying, and I even wrote the Canadian people who created hitchBOT and apologized on behalf of the terrible violence-loving jerkweeds that we Americans are. I even had a grammatical error in the headline of my article for you know I was upset if I overlooked that.

Sweet redemption is coming though! hitchBAT is real, he's leaving L.A. (assuming hitchBAT is a he) heading to Philadelphia to avenge his fallen robot's demise.......or he's just continuing the trip, depending on who you talk to: screenshot

hitchBAT is not just a hitchhiking robot going across the country, which is freaking cool in itself. hitchBAT is a hitchhiking robot going across the country that looks like Batman! Have I already friended hitchBAT? Yes!

Is hitchBAT hilarious? Yes! This is what his creators had to say:

We, the creators of hitchBAT, want to show Canada that we are sorry for what happened to hitchBOT. To be fair, the last time Canadians sent over a cute little thing that wanted to tour the country it turned out to be Justin Bieber. However, that’s no excuse for what happened. We want to make it right, so we’re sending hitchBAT across the country in the name of justice and good will.

Is hitchBAT leaving Cali on October 5? Yes! Will I pick him up and drive him across Iowa? Yes! Will I throw a piano at anybody who tries to hurt hitchBAT? Sure. hitchBAT is doing this for charity; find out more at

Should you follow hitchBAT on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Yes!