Ready to be judged? How's that self-esteem of yours doing? Starting in November, a new app called Peeple will allow you to rate human beings just like restaurants on Yelp. What could possibly go wrong with this?

“You’re going to rate people in the three categories that you can possibly know somebody -— professionally, personally or romantically,“ said Peeple co-founder Julia Cordray, who insists that anonymous posters won’t be allowed and that rigorous anti-bullying guidelines apply to her site. “You should have the right to know who somebody is before you invite them in to your home, around your children.“

You will need to log in through your Facebook account and provide a phone number before you can post about someone.

As for people who don’t garner sterling reviews, Cordray says, “Think of this as an ability to grow and get some honest feedback.“

As someone who works in a business where we are critiqued -- as in, we sit in the boss' office and listen to old shows and they nitpick everything they don't like -- nobody really truly wants honest feedback. We want to be told we're okay.

If you're ready to go full blast on someone, it doesn't show up on Peeple right away. It first goes to the inbox of the blastee -- awkward -- and you have 48 hours to hash out your differences. I don't know how the blastee would want to work anything out with someone who has to go to an app to tell them how they really feel about them, but whatever.