The headlines still reek of the Ashley Madison leak. We've all heard about politicians and celebrities that had an an account, but the burning question the Cedar Valley is asking ... who do we know that is on that list? The numbers might surprise you.

You could search the pages and pages of emails looking for one you know. That could take days, but if you are wondering what are the chances that someone you know has an account, here's a way to figure the odds.

This interactive map from Tecnilogica shows how many users were registered in every city. It also shows how many of those users were males. Looking at the stats, that site was loaded with more men than woman, and by a wide margin.

When you zoom in on the map and pinpoint the Cedar Valley, it shows the different cities that have registered users, and to be honest, I was surprised at how many there were actually from the area.

In Waterloo. 5,400 signed up. 86% were men. In Cedar Falls, 1,999 signed up with 90% being male.That's 7,399 that signed up for Waterloo & Cedar Falls alone.

Evansdale showed a higher than expect count too with 299 total (90% male).

You can search the map yourself. Click the "Visible Layers" button to see the total number accounts for each community.