It's going to be cold. -4 is the forecast high for Sunday, with an expected low of -18.

You aren't going to want to go out anywhere.

Perfect weekend for the good ol' "Netflix & Chill".

Now, we know how that could be taken the wrong way. To some people, "Netflix & Chill" is the same as "you know, just come over and hang out"'s code for hooking up.

But what if you don't want to hook up? What if you (quite literally) just want to bingewatch Netflix and otherwise not do anything? Like move?

Fear not, loyal Q92.3 audience member!

This weekend may be the perfect time to get caught up with "House Of Cards"! They recently released a new trailer for the show:

Did you know about Netflix's new secret categories?

Check it all out, and stay warm this weekend! I know you won't be bored (unless you allow yourself to be).