So you have herd my voice over the last couple months on air from 2-7pm weekdays. It's time to learn a little bit about the myth of BigBoy.I live for paying it forward so to speak. I think the best thing you can do in life is make someone else's day better.

I got into radio because I love to make people laugh and cheer up those who are down. So my challenge to you is to at some point this weekend PAY IT FORWARD.

You can pay it forward by buying someone's meal behind you in the drive threw, or it doesn't have to be money motivated at all. Maybe you pull over and help someone change there tire on the side of the road.

If everyone that reads this post does one good deed this weekend it will make the Cedar Valley a much better place and should make you feel good about yourself as well.

Be safe out there this weekend my q92.3 family. See you on Monday and remember to PAY IT FORWARD.