There's one question that burns in my mind as I read this story...........

Triplets Rafaela, Rocheli, and Tagiane Bini married Rafa Rafael, Gabriel, and Eduardo Thome, respectively, in a joint wedding ceremony on March 21. The ceremony took place in the Cathedral Nossa Senhora Aparecida in Passo Fundo, Brazil.

But, but, do the guys know they're marrying the right woman!?

The 29-year-old trio wore identical wedding dresses and similar hairstyles and makeup. The only difference was the colors of their bouquets: yellow for Rafaela, blue for Rocheli, and red for Tagiane.

Once again, how are we not sure they don't just tag in and tag out? They could probably soooooo get away with that, unless they have birthmarks or tats.

I could never marry a woman that had an identical twin sister. Not because they'd switch on me, but for the opposite reason!