The first thing I did when I walked out of my house this morning at 4:45am to come to work was take a picture of my backyard, covered in snow, and upload it to Facebook.

When I got to the office and logged onto Facebook, EVERY single status in my newsfeed said something to the effect of "it was 80 just 2 days ago and now snow!". As Iowans, we have all come to expect a certain level of weather change day-to-day, but even this 2 day swing was a bit much for everyone it appears.

Saturday in the 80's, yesterday thunderstorms all day, and today we wake up to snow on the ground. I even saw a funny picture of someone who had their kiddie pool out for their kids on Saturday, and was covered in snow today.

photo:Waterloo Broadcasting

You always hear people say "only in Iowa" when it comes to our weather changes, but a 50 degree swing in 48 hours definitely takes the cake!