The heat races during the 2016 Iowa's Virtual Dirt Track Classic presented by Bill Colwell Ford has reached the midway point. Voting closes on Monday, Janaury 25 at 6:00 PM-CT.

It's your votes that help power your favorite drivers to the finish line. As Heat Race voting on day seven (of thirteen) has came to an end, several position changes took place. 12 drivers will advance from the Heat Races to the "Bill Colwell Ford Main Event" which begins on Wednesday, January 27, 2016.

Bill Colwell Ford

A special thank you to Bill Colwell Ford for sponsoring the inaugural VDTC Main Event in 2016. Bill Colwell Ford is located 10 minutes south of Waterloo check out to look at all their inventory! They're worth the drive!

The Heat Race voting process closes on Monday (Jan 25, 2016) at 6:00 PM. Votes will be checked, and the VDTC Main Event will begin on Wednesday, January 27. That is the same day that the first of three Grudge Nationals video series episodes is slated for release.

GRUDGE NATIONALS: Trailer - "The Preview"

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VDTC: Modified Heat Races
Day 7 (of 13) Update
Top 4 Advance to the VDTC Bill Colwell Ford Main Event

HEAT 1: Matt Webb became the third different leader in Heat 1. Webb passed Jimmy Gustin late this afternoon, but the "Jammer" rides right on Webb's back bumper. Early race leader Hunter Marriott now finds himself under attack from Ronn Lauritzen. The two drivers are locked dead even in total votes.

HEAT 2: JD Auringer moved into the lead, but Todd Shute has not given up the fight as he continues to apply heavy pressure for the number one position. Cayden Carter rolls in third. Dustin Smith holds the final transfer to the VDTC Main Event, but Kyle Brown is looking to move himself into the Top 4.

HEAT 3: Kelly Shryock continues to lead Heat 3 with Richie Gustin Jr running second. Troy Cordes has been making a little headway towards Gustin's back bumper, but at this pace, he's running out of time. Scott Hogan rounds out the Top 4.

VDTC: Mod Heat 1 VDTC: Mod Heat 2 VDTC: Mod Heat 3
Matt Webb JD Auringer Kelly Shryock
Jimmy Gustin Todd Shute Richie Gustin
Hunter Marriott Cayden Carter Troy Cordes
Ronn Lauritzen Dustin Smith Scott Hogan
Vern Jackson Kyle Brown Jeff Waterman
Chris Abelson Ryan DeShaw Mark Shute
Bruce Hanford Nick Roberts Jesse Hoeft
Jeremiah Hurst Josh Ruby Greg Elliott
Kurt Kile Jesse Dennins Chase Ellingson
Tad Ruetzel

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VDTC: Late Model Heat Races
Day 7 (of 13) Update
Top 6 Advance to the VDTC Bill Colwell Ford Main Event

HEAT 1: Jeff Aikey, Ray Guss Jr., and John Emerson run one-two-three in Heat 1. Tyler Bruening and Andy Nezworski find themselves swapping the fourth position day-after-day. Sean Johnson holds the final transfer spot, but Ryan Dolan is looking to make a move on the high side. Kevin Kile is within striking distance of the Top 6.

HEAT 2: Tyler Droste maintains his car at the front of the field. Justin Kay has been chipping away at the lead, and he might be able to make a play for the lead before the checkered flag falls Monday night. Todd Cooney runs third. Matt Ryan and Paul Nagle round out the Top 6, and Kyle Berck rides right on their back bumpers.

VDTC: LM Heat 1 VDTC: LM Heat 2
Jeff Aikey Tyler Droste
Ray Guss Jr. Justin Kay
John Emerson Todd Cooney
Tyler Bruening Brian Harris
Andy Nezworski Matt Ryan
Sean Johnson Paul Nagle
Ryan Dolan Kyle Berck
Kevin Kile Ryan Griffith
Paul Glendenning Joel Callahan

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Day 7 (of 13) Update
Top 4 Advance to the VDTC Bill Colwell Ford Main Event

HEAT 1: David Smith leads, and Cayden Carter runs second. Both drivers have pulled away from the field. Jarod Weepie sits third with Kevin Opheim closing in. Jerry Miles has recently received a fan-voted boost to close in, but he still has a little ground to make up.

HEAT 2: Damon Murty continues to be class of the field in Heat 1. Devin Smith and Nathan Wood are locked in a dog fight for second. John Campbell has just moved into the fourth position pushing Jay Schmidt back to fifth and currently out of the VDTC Main Event.

HEAT 3: Donavon Smith's early race lead has been erased as Jake Masters has caught Smith, and he has been applying the pressure to steal the lead away. Mike Nichols maintains third. Norman Chesmore jumped two spots over the last two days, and now he runs in the final transfer position. Tom Schmitt follows in his tire tracks looking for a way around "Stormin' Norman".

David Smith Damon Murty Donavon Smith
Cayden Carter Devin Smith Jake Masters
Jarod Weepie Nathan Wood Mike Nichols
Kevin Opheim John Campbell Norman Chesmore
Jerry Miles Jay Schmidt Tom Schmitt
Gary Bass Greg Gill Jeff Deal
Mitch Hovden Shane Watts John Olver Jr.
Rich Gregoire Marcus Fagan Dane Fenton

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Day 7 (of 13) Update
Top 4 Advance to the VDTC Bill Colwell Ford Main Event

HEAT 1: During the last couple of days, Eric Stanton has been holding off Justin Wacha for the lead. Nathan Ballard has joined the duo hoping to snare the lead away. Shawn Kuennen and Billy Rhodes and dead even for the fourth and final transfer postion to the VDTC Main Event.

HEAT 2: Austin Luellen has been on a rail as he leads Heat 2. Quinton Miller runs second, but Steve Larson has been getting closer and closer to Miller's back bumper. Brandon Nielson runs fourth. Michael Pruitt and Dustin Griffiths run side-by-side for fifth.

HEAT 3: Benji Irvine is dialed in and continues to lead Heat 3. Shannon Anderson holds down the second spot. Cody Nielson runs a distant third. John Watson and Vince Buchholz have been swapping the fourth position. Watson currently runs in fourth.

Eric Stanton Austin Luellen Benji Irvine
Justin Wacha Quinton Miller Shannon Anderson
Nathan Ballard Steve Larson Cody Nielson
Shawn Kuennen Brandon Nielson John Watson
Billy Rhodes Michael Pruitt Vince Buchholz
Dustin Chapman Dustin Griffiths Myles Michehl
Matt McAtee Jason Kohl Dustin Gulbrandson
Andew Borchardt Kevin Bruck Kevin Koontz

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Day 7 (of 13) Update
Top 4 Advance to the VDTC Bill Colwell Ford Main Event

HEAT 1: Jake McBirnie sits on top of the score sheets as voting on Day 7 has come to a close. Tyler Soppe runs second followed by Dakoda Sellers. Bryan Garnhardt has jumped up two spots to run in fourth, but Matt Jones, Jerod Weston, and Austin Heacok are right there licking their chops.

HEAT 2: The Olson and Olson show has taken over in Heat 2. Tony Olson moved into the lead after voting closed on Monday night. Now Kyle Olson has moved into second as Day 7 voting ends. Clint Luellen is taking a peak underneath Kyle Olson trying to steal back the second spot. Austin Kaplan just grabbed the fourth spot, but Doug Smith runs right on his heels.

HEAT 3: The third SportMod/Bmod Heat Race has been the closest of all the VDTC Heat Races. In the final hour of Day 7's voting, Jared VanDeest wrestled the lead away from Johnathon Logue. Now he holds a one vote lead over Logue. Curtis Van Der Wal still looks strong and is within striking distance of the lead duo. Danny Dvorak holds a slight edge over Nick Meyer and Brayton Carter for the final transfer to the VDTC Main Event.

Jake McBirnie Tony Olson Jared VanDeest
Tyler Soppe Kyle Olson Johanthon Logue
Dakoda Sellers Clinton Luellen Curtis Van Der Wal
Bryce Garnhart Austin Kaplan Danny Dvorak
Matt Jones Doug Smith Nick Meyer
Jerod Weston Jake Murphy Brayton Carter
Austin Heacock Dan Hovden Ty Griffith
John Irwin Miah Christensen Logan Scott
Steve Miller Joey Glover George Nordman
Donovon Kennebeck

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You Can Vote Once Every 24 Hours
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