Run-off elections are being held in Waterloo and Cedar Falls, where voters are choosing new city leaders today (Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015).

In Waterloo, residents are deciding whether Quentin Hart or Tim Hurley will be the city's next mayor. They were the top vote-getters among five candidates in the Nov. 4 municipal election. Since neither of them received the required 51-percent majority needed to win, a run-off election is being held to determine the outcome.

Hurley previously served three terms as Waterloo mayor from 2004 to 2009, and was involved in the city’s first-ever run-off election when he was first elected to office in November 2003. Hart gave up his Ward Four council seat in an attempt to become Waterloo’s first minority mayor.

The winner of today's special election will replace out-going Mayor Buck Clark, who decided not to seek a fourth term.

Hart's city council seat is also up for grabs in Waterloo today. Ward Four residents are deciding whether Jerome Amos, Jr. or Chris Schwartz will be their next representive. Amos garnered 33.4-percent of the vote on Nov. 4 to finish slightly ahead of Schwartz's 30-percent in a four-candidate race.

The run-off race for mayor in Cedar Falls features school board member Jim Brown and incumbent city leader Jon Crews, the top vote-getters among the three candidates who ran last month. Crews, however, is technically no longer in the race. He announced his retirement from public office shortly after the run-off election was set, but his name will still appear on the ballot.

On Nov. 4, Brown got 45-percent of the votes cast, while Crews got 35-percent. The third candidate, David Halterman, finished with 20-percent support.

Although Halterman didn't qualify for today's run-off election, he's still hoping to win the race. When Crews dropped out, Halterman launched a write-in campaign and has been encouraging voters to support him.