As I look at my Facebook newsfeed today, I see a bunch of people talking smack about the upcoming NFL season. "The Patriots are done! Washington stomped them". "OMG how bad is Houston?". "The Bears are unstoppable this year!".

Really? After 1 pre-season game? In pre-season games, the starters play about 5 minutes, and then the rest of game is played by the no-names who are trying to win a spot on the team roster. I am a football fan, specifically a Detroit Lions fan. If ANYONE can put the pre-season in its meaningless perspective, I can.

The year that the Lions set an NFL record by not winning a single game...they went undefeated in the pre-season! If you need any further proof of just how little the preseason will actually reflect the regular season, well, I certainly cannot provide it for you. There will be plenty of time to scream at your TV, and complain about how your fantasy touchdown got vultured by the fullback this year, just have patience. It's just the pre-season.