The mayor of Oelwein, arrested for allegedly having sexual contact with two young girls, has been released from jail after making his initial court appearance this week.

The 36 year old Manus was originally charged with 5 counts of second degree sexual abuse, but four of the counts were reduced to third degree sex abuse, during his appearance in Fayette County District court Wednesday.

The charges allegedly involve a 9 year old girl and a 14 year old girl, from incidents that took place in Oelwein four years ago.

He was arrested August 11th, after authorities received information of the allegations from the Department of Human Services.

With lowering the degree of four of the charges, Manus' bond was reduced to a total of $65,000: $25,000 for the first count, and $10,000 each for the other counts. Manus was released from jail after a bail bonding company posted the bond.

So far, no word on the future of Manus' role as mayor of Oelwein. He was elected to the city's top post last year, beating incumbent Larry Murphy by 47 votes, out of about 1,100 cast.