Look, I know you love Q92.3, and the people that make the music. But stop with the really bad costumes of Q92.3 artists please, especially if you decide to be as uh..........detailed as possible.

This started with Dude who decided to be Kanye West.

Then this girl who decided to be Nicki Minaj.

But those people are regular, everyday, anonymous idiots. What if someone FAMOUS decided to resemble a Q92.3 artist, skin tone be damned?

A rep for Jason Aldean confirmed yesterday that the singer did indeed wear blackface while dressing as Lil Wayne for Halloween. Aldean’s publicist Tyne Parrish confirmed the costume in an email on Tuesday after NashvilleGab.com published a photo of Aldean covered in dark makeup while wearing sunglasses, long dreadlocks and gold jewelry. No other statement about the controversial look was provided and Lil Wayne’s team has yet to respond. However, many people have taken to social media to slam Aldean for his insensitivity.

Seriously, it's not like you're Lil Wayne's, or Nicki's, or Kanye's evil twin. You still need a "Hi, my name is ___________" nametag on your crappy costume to let people know who your crappy costume is.

And Halloween costumes are just like with jokes, the more it has to be explained the lamer it is.