As the commercials for starving children or abused pets would say, "that's less than 33 cents a day for a month" to get one of your favorite Q92.3 artists to appear at your event.

John Legend could be the musical guest at your wedding for as little as $10.

E! News reports that the “All of Me” crooner is auctioning himself off as part of a charity raffle for his alma mater South High School in Ohio. “Hey, I’m John Legend, arguably, one of the most romantic people in the world,“ he says in a YouTube Video posted on the raffle’s website. “That’s why I want to sing a private show for you. Anywhere! Even your wedding!”

Hosted through his Show Me Campaign, a minimum donation of $10 will get you 100 chances to get Legend to perform at your big day. Or birthday. Or anniversary. All proceeds from the raffle, which ends March 26, will go toward rebuilding the school’s auditorium.

Watch the video below for more information: