It's amazing what you find out doing silly research for Cinco de Mayo. Justin Timberlake owns his own tequila company!? Yep. And he even stars in the commercials.

The company is called Sauza 901 -- the "901" is the area code to Timberlake's hometown of Memphis -- and Justin is featured as an oversized lime that borders on very creepy.

Released yesterday, the commercial finds Timberlake playing the part of a lime named Rick “Sour” Vane, a man who lived a rockstar lifestyle as tequila’s main companion until Sauza 901’s smooth taste put him out of business. Highlights from the spot include Timberlake trying out a heavy New York accent and wearing a robe while reflecting on his glory days.

In addition to the prosthetics-heavy ad, Timberlake there's a second commercial in which he, in the role as the founder of 901, apologizes for putting limes out of business.

It's so ridiculous it makes me want to buy tequila, even though I hate tequila.