All weekend sports commentators and talk radio hosts have been cramming the story of the guy who got the University of Kentucky national championship tattoo down our throats.

The guy's name is Tyler Black, and he's a 22 year old from Richmond Kentucky. On March 13th, he wanted to show his support for the Kentucky basketball team by having "UK National Champions 2014" inked on his calf.

At the time that he had the ink done, not a single person in America was giving Kentucky a shot to win it all, and he became the object of ridicule for the entire sports world. Well, fast forward to tonight's national championship game, and young Mr. Black has the potential to look like a modern day Nostradamus as his Wildcats take on Connecticut in the NCAA Men's basketball national championship game.

If Kentucky wins, this guy is going to be on every late night talk show, every ESPN network, and will become an absolute legend in the state of Kentucky. The amount of notoriety, perks, and possibly even money he will received will be significant.

So what is the lesson here? To be honest, I have no idea...