One of the biggest surprises of the college football season was Iowa defeating #2 Michigan, 14-13, on Saturday night at Kinnick Stadium. It was the first time the Hawkeyes had beaten a top-two team since 1985. Iowa has had a somewhat disappointing season, so this win was definitely something to celebrate. But one fan in particular got slightly carried away.

According to the University of Iowa police report, Michelle Keys, 35, of Ankeny was arrested at Kinnick Stadium just after 7:00 p.m. for Public Intoxication. She had slurred speech, spoke in incoherent sentences, and believed she was in Ames, IA at the Iowa State v. Arizona football game. She had a .225 BAC.

Yup. THREE TIMES the legal limit. Although, in fairness, you know a party is pretty epic when you don't even remember what city you're in (In case you were curious, Iowa State played Kansas on Kansas).

I bet Michelle and Vodka Samm would host some epic ragers. #WinOrLoseWeStillBooze 

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