Kermit and Miss Piggy -- two people completely ill-suited for one another from Day One -- have called it quits.

Call me cynical, but there's a lot about this that is unbelievable.

First of all, a pig and a frog? Come on.

Second, they're saying Kermit and Miss Piggy were together "40 years". that means they met in 1975. Kermit was on "Sesame Street" in 1975, and there was no Miss Piggy anywhere to be seen. I doubt she would have allowed herself to have been an off-screen girlfriend, even on PBS.

(UPDATE: Another media outlet is saying "30 years", but "The Muppet Show" came out in 1976 which was.........uh, 39 years ago, which is almost 40 years. Whatever.)

I think this whole thing is a publicity stunt. ABC is premiering a new TV series called "The Muppets" on September 22, and it just so happens everyone and their celebrity grandmother are splitting up right now.

There's tweets:

There's even another woman! Kermit is dating another pig -- what is it with Kermit's fetishes for pigs and Lipton tea? -- named "Denise". Denise works in marketing at ABC. If Denise exists, Miss Piggy would kill Denise. Miss Piggy is the second-most unstable person I've ever experienced. Anyone's an upgrade over Miss Piggy, but "Denise" from "marketing"?

At least Kermit and Miss Piggy never had any kids. That would be awkward as heck.