This guy was a real butt-head...or butt-hand, as the case may be. Check out 'Crappy News' for Friday, August 4th.

Great Falls, MT- A man's good deed turned crappy in a hurry.

27-year-old Bryce Boos returned a set of lost keys to an auto dealership last Thursday afternoon.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

He believed he should've gotten a cash reward for turning in the keys, but that didn't happen. Boos responded by allegedly punching one of the cars on the lot. He then put his hand down his pants and smeared POOP along the side of the vehicle. The punch caused about $1,500 worth of damage, but that's really the #2 story here...

Boos was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and felony criminal mischief. He faces a maximum fine of $51,500 and could spend ELEVEN YEARS in prison. [Great Falls Tribune]

I mean, what did you expect him to do? NOT reach into his pants, NOT grab a handful of poo, and NOT smear it on the car?

Ottawa, Canada- We have another incident of passengers being mistreated on an airplane.


A flight bound for Montreal from Brussels, Belgium, was forced to land in Ottawa because of severe weather. It shouldn't have been that big of a deal, but the 336 passengers weren't allowed to leave the plane. As a result, those on board were stranded on the tarmac for SIX HOURS. Because of the crowded runway, there weren't any gates or stairs for people to disembark the plane.

Airplanes are pretty hot, especially when it's packed with hundreds of exhausted people who aren't allowed to move. The passengers weren't even provided water until somebody called 911. And now a video has surfaced that shows the pilot scolding the person who called police. [Montreal Gazette]

The Internet- A popular chain restaurant is the subject of a bizarre conspiracy theory.


A twitter user noticed something strange while searching for locations of Outback Steakhouse--many of them are set up in the shape of a pentagram, which is associated with Wiccan and Satanist practices.

It's probably just a creepy coincidence, but once social media takes of hold of something people start going a bit loony. The original post has been retweeted nearly 120,000 times.

Things got so serious that Outback had to send its own tweet to try and squash the Illuminati rumors. [Huffington Post]

Outback Steakhouse...come for the Bloomin' Onions, stay for the devil worship.

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