I'm guessing he didn't leave a very nice review on Yelp. Here's 'Crappy News' for Wednesday, July 26th.

Largo, FL- A woman faces fraud charges after paying for plastic surgery with a stolen credit card.


29-year-old Natasha Bostick got liposuction back in October. Like most patients, Bostick had before-and-after photos taken by the doctor. Those photos helped get her caught.

Bostick had been arrested in 2007 and police compared her tattoos to the ones in the pictures. Once in jail, Bostick admitted to using the original cardholder's information to pay for her procedure, which cost roughly $3,000. [The Smoking Gun]

Anderson, IN- The State board of cosmetology has fined several nail salons after customers reported serious injuries...


Kenneth Jackey went in for a pedicure in March 2015. The employee used what Jackey described as a scalpel to cut away heavily callused skin on his right foot, which he compared to "peeling a potato or an apple."

But the nail tech cut too deeply, and Jackey developed an infection in his right foot which led to his big toe being AMPUTATED.

Another man claimed to require five surgeries after his foot was also injured during a pedicure. [Star-Press]

Cromwell, CT- Two men were arrested after trying to purchase drugs...at a police station.


21-year-olds Zachary Pillarella and Noah Yankowski were trying to score some cocaine early Sunday morning. They were walking outside when approached a man asking to buy drugs. That man just so happened to be an off-duty cop. Believe it or not...the story gets EVEN DUMBER.

The cop agreed to sell them coke for $60, and the officer pointed out that there was an ATM across the street--in the lobby of the police station.

Pillarella & Yankowski went inside, took out the cash, and were promptly arrested. Each was charged with criminal attempt to possess narcotics and conspiracy to possess narcotics. [Hartford Courant]

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