This is next level passive-aggressive rage...I could never be this petty. Here's your 'Crappy News' for Friday, July 14th.

Highland Village, TX- A couple was hospitalized after being burned by a FLAMING COCKTAIL.


The man and woman each suffered major burns above the waist after ordering the drink Wednesday afternoon. The restaurant's manager said that a bottle broke as the bartender was making it; the liquor spilled on the couple and the flame followed it.

The couple has been treated and released. []

I generally try to stay away from eating or drinking things that could ACTUALLY kill me. Please pass the Oreos...

Sequim, WA- This guy took being passive-aggressive to a completely new level...


The story goes that he was upset about his neighbors painting their house lavender back in 2009. After numerous complaints to county officials went unanswered the man decided to take out his rage through landscaping.

He mowed the word "A-Hole" into his lawn, with an arrow pointing at his neighbors' home. That's pretty good revenge, but it gets better...

The design was large enough for Google Earth to pick it up on their satellites. A Reddit user found it and now the image has gone viral. [KING-TV]

Or............he could just be warning people about a giant hole. But probably not.

Amarillo, TX- Finding breast implants in a strip club really isn't that unusual. Except when they AREN'T in somebody's breasts...


Cassidy's Polo Club had its health inspection a few weeks ago, and the inspector found a stray breast implant in a UTENSIL HOLDER behind the bar.

Club owners couldn't explain how the loose implant got there--though it would seem that a lovely lady removed it and left it there (just a guess).

Despite this, the Cassidy's still received an average score on their inspection, so they can stay open. [Amarillo Globe-News]

This would NEVER happen at a classy place like Flirts...just sayin'.

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