I'm not the most romantic dude, but I can appreciate this guy's effort. Other people? Not so much. Here's 'Crappy News' for Friday, July 28th.

Fort Lee, NJ- A man was busted for not paying tolls, and it wasn't exactly an accident.


60-year-old Anthony Cotugno was pulled over after driving through a toll lane without paying. And it's safe to say Mr. Cotugno is a repeat offender.

Records showed that Cotugno has accumulated more than $40,700 in charges at Port Authority crossings plus $47,000 in unpaid tolls and fees on the New Jersey Turnpike. That's about $88,000 if you're keeping track. He's been charged with several traffic violations along with theft of service and toll evasion--obviously. [Time]

Wouldn't it be easier just to drop a few bucks in and go about the day??

Fort Pierce, FL- A guy had two stories for police...and they were both terrible.


34-year-old Dwayne Fennell was being investigated for dealing drugs. Police tracked him down at his home on Tuesday. Fennell ran from police and hid behind a dog kennel. An officer found him lying on top of rocks...but not just any rocks, CRACK COCAINE rocks.

Police also found about $9,100 in cash, which Fennell claimed he'd earned by winning the lottery. Shockingly, the cops didn't believe him, and Fennell was arrested for cocaine possession with intent to traffic. [TCPalm.com]

Swansea, Wales- A man tried to find love, but just wound up littering.


49-year-old Craig Sullivan decided to start dating again after losing his wife to cancer early last year. He put romantic messages inside 2,000 glass bottles, drove to various beaches in the U.K., and sent them out to sea. Unfortunately, a bunch of them washed up on shore at the same beaches he threw them from.

Several people responded to Sullivan's notes admiring his intentions but critiquing his execution, complaining that his technique was not environmentally-friendly.

Sullivan says he stopped using the bottles because of the abuse, but a few woman DID get in touch with him, so it wasn't all in vain. [Telegraph]

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