Uh oh...are the Men In Black coming to get us. It may seem so in Muscatine County. There have been "Men in Black" sightings in Southeast Iowa.

According to reports, people traveling in Muscatine County have been seeing men dressed in long, black trench coats walking on the side of the road, standing at the side of the road while cars pass, stepping onto the pavement when cars pass and even walking through people's private property.

There have been dozens of sightings, but yet, no one knows who these people are or if it's a joke. The common sense in all of us says it's a joke, but authorities aren't laughing. They are afraid the men will cause a distraction then an accident.

The police say no laws are being broken, outside of trespassing, and they warn anyone who sees them to call 911. If someone does get hurt because of these "Men in Black" they WILL face charges.