Trust me, it'll make much more sense when you read the story. This is 'Crappy News' for Friday, 10/27/17.

Plantation, FL- A police officer has been sent for more training after injuring a kid during a gun safety lesson.

Iris Stan was staying with a friend and her two sons last month.


Stan was still wearing her uniform when she warned the children that her stun gun was dangerous and shouldn't be touched. Officer Stan then removed her taser from her duty belt and accidentally pulled the trigger.

The taser fired two probes, striking one of the boys in his right leg, both above and below his knee.

Police blamed the incident on fatigue, stating that Stan had worked eight shifts in the previous 10 days, but acknowledged that she should not have pointed the weapon at the child. [Sun-Sentinel]

I ELSE were you supposed to teach him that the gun wasn't a toy??

Cincinnati, OH- A convenience store clerk cold-cocked a crook.

52-year-old Andre Young attempted to rob the convenience store Monday night.

Andre Young (Photo: Hamilton County [OH] Police)[/caption]Young was holding box cutters and told the cashier "we can do this the easy way or the hard way." It evidently wasn't very hard for the clerk, who punched Young in the face when he tried to hop the counter.

The employee called 911, and Young was still knocked out on the floor when cops arrived. He showed up to court Tuesday morning sporting crutches and a wicked black eye (pictured).

Young has FIVE previous robbery convictions...and held up the same gas station 12 years ago. [WLWT-TV]

Lesson learned? Eh...probably not.

Becker, MN- The community is rallying to bring an elusive emu back home.

Dork The Emu via Facebook

Tom Berry has been driving around town for months following up on sightings of his pet emu named...Dork.

Dork escaped way back in April when a fallen tree branch broke his pen. Many residents have since tried to catch Dork, but the bird has been too fast for anyone to secure him. Berry says Dork could be searching for a female companion--his wife, Geek, died about three years ago.

Berry is mostly considered with the emu's ability to find food during colder weather.

Dork has now become a local legend, and even has his own Facebook page for the public to track him and post sightings. [WCCO-TV]

Let's hope for this story to have a happy ending. Get home soon, Dork!

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