This is what happens when you hang out on the Internet (and social media) while bingewatching football all Sunday; the world's weirdness washes over you.

The Miss America pageant was last night. It got interesting around here, especially when Miss Iowa (Taylor Wiebers of Clinton) made it to the top 12.

Unfortunately, Taylor didn't win. Miss Georgia Betty Cantrell was crowned Miss America 2016.

For the talent portion of the competition, Betty sang an opera number, but nobody cares about that.

Everybody is, however, losing their mind over Betty's during the question and answer section of the pageant, when Cantrell was asked about Deflategate and was quick to note that she believed Tom Brady cheated.

Yes, a contestant in the Miss America pageant -- which took place opposite the Sunday Night Football season opener -- was asked a football question, and gave what many feel was a coherent and competent football answer. And that is such a turn-on for guys that she won, with people saying that's why she won!

The first runner-up in the competition was Miss Mississippi Hannah Roberts. The night also found pageant executive chairman Sam Haskell delivering a in-person apology to Miss America 1984 Vanessa Williams, who was previously stripped of her title following a nude photo scandal when she appeared in Penthouse magazine.

This was before the Internet, where there's no shortage of places to find naked young women doing all kinds of things (that's what people tell me), and they had Vanessa back as a judge.

I thought this was a touching story about people making amends, until I did further research and found out that Vanessa and the Miss America people spent several days leading up to the pageant at odds over who was going to apologize to who. You see, they couldn't just all apologize.

It almost made me want to skip football and watch the pageant. Almost.