Sometimes people are a little too active on social media.................

A Montana man who had two warrants out for his arrest was arrested last week after “liking” his own wanted poster on Facebook.

I won't even mention the irony of a wanted criminal (usually known publically by their full given name) using his full given name on his Facebook profile.

According to the Great Falls Tribune, 23-year-old Levi Charles Reardon was wanted on suspicion of stealing a wallet and cashing several fraudulent checks earlier this year. While he had been questioned about the crime by police, he wasn’t picked up by cops until he liked his own picture on the Cascade County Crimestoppers’ page.

Reardon made an initial court appearance for felony forgery and his arraignment is scheduled for May 7.

Note to criminals: Don’t be a narcissist on social media. Maybe don't even be ON social media. I'd go completely off the grid, but that's just me.