The sordid tale of the radio personality who was fired for supposedly grabbing Taylor Swift's butt -- and then suing Taylor Swift over it two years later -- is getting weirder, which is hard to do considering we're talking about radio people.

If you need to click on this to catch up, that's cool.

But new information has come out regarding David Mueller, who was on the KYGO-FM morning show in Denver under the air name "Jackson".

His claim that his program director (named "Eddie Haskell" of all people, let me tell ya) was the one who had his fingerprints on Taylor's bootie was vehemently rebuffed by Haskell himself, who said in an exclusive interview with All Access:

“His [Mueller's] accusations are untrue and, in fact, not possible. I was not in the meet & greet MUELLER attended. When I saw TAYLOR we were in a radio room with her management, record label and mother in attendance. After TAYLOR left, her mother took us on a tour of the backstage area. Never was there any implication from the label or management that I was involved in any way, other than being Mueller's supervisor.”

So Haskell wasn't even there.

And apparently, here's why Taylor -- and not KYGO -- is getting sued.

Taylor's people -- who not surprisingly are not down with their superstar client being sexually assaulted (which could be argued if hands are going up a skirt) -- went to KYGO management and said that the Swift camp was "considering all their options" if the matter with Mueller was not "handled", and Mueller was fired the following day.

Let me let you behind the fourth wall for a moment as someone who has worked in radio a long time and is currently a program director himself. Here's what "considering all their options" would have meant:

Taylor would have/could have 86'd that specific radio station -- as I said before a country station that was (is) one of the highest-rated stations in Denver -- from doing radio interviews with her, blocked them from doing ticket giveaways for her shows (record companies and/or the venues usually give the radio stations those tickets we give out), and not been accessible with her new music (record companies usually send stations copies of the new singles for airplay and will provide other versions of a song if it will get them more "spins", plus either physical or virtual copies of albums to use as giveaways). She would have been completely accessible with any competing radio station in town.

And this doesn't even factor in the negative publicity of a national sweetheart with a spotless reputation being groped by some goofy radio dude.

What do I think happened? Well, obviously I wasn't there. But I know about pretty much every facet of this: the grabbing of butts, lying, blaming a co-worker, covering my own butt, deflecting, bragging about something I did that I shouldn't have done, bragging about things I didn't do because it would make me look cool, getting fired, and seeking legal action against an employer that canned you can tell I've lived an interesting life.