We know this. Everybody's made the same joke for years about the network that still calls themselves "Music" Television.

But this morning...........

................while talking about Fifth Harmony (an actual music act) appearing on MTV and how they were giving the pregnant teenage girls a break, I took the bull by the horns and turned a decade-old joke into something real.

Sign the petition to convince MTV to change their name, or (even better) cut the bleep and start playing music again like they did when they changed the music business back in the 80s. It changed music for me. It can be better. It deserves better.


UPDATE! I've also started a petition to get a local cable company to give me the fantastic Fox Sports North channel instead of the god-awful Fox Sports Midwest channel. Minnesota sports > St. Louis sports. Seriously, does anyone in Waterloo/Cedar Falls give a rat's patootie about St. Louis anything?