This morning I found myself in the very strange position of defending Justin Bieber. To give you some background, I could care less about Justin Bieber, honestly. As part of my job I have to talk about celebrities when they do ridiculous things, but as a whole I try to keep my morning show as "Bieber free" as possible.

When the news of his arrest for suspicion of DUI came down this morning, almost instantly "the internet" blew up about what a little jerk he is and how terrible he is, so on and so forth. YES, I agree that drinking and driving is about the stupidest thing a person can do. YES, I believe he should be punished to the full extent of the law. But where I found myself defending him to callers and on social media today, is that for the most part, he is behaving exactly like a 19 year old typically behaves.

On the air I said "every 19 year old is an idiot". Honestly, I know I was an idiot at 19. You were most likely an idiot at 19. Basically everyone walking the earth, at age 19, was / is a complete idiot. I encourage you (adults) to remember back to being that age. If you were anything like me, you knew it all and screw anyone that tried to tell you that you didn't, right?

Now imagine if 19 year old you had unlimited money and a video camera in your face every single moment of every single day. I hope you see my point. And if you don't, my inner 19 year old says "to hell with ya anyway!". (insert rimshot here)

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