This may be a scam, but if it's real the gift possibilities are unbelievable.


An enterprising man named Roy Stanton has launched a “Fart in a Jar“ Kickstarter campaign. Stanton is attempting to raise $10,000 in order to create a delivery service for jars containing the smell of farts from around the world.

Backers who contribute just $9 will get to choose a fart jar from their choice of more than 80 countries (here's the page to pick your favorite country). However, you can donate up to $500 and receive 80 jars in exchange. Stanton warns that “exact fart odor and consistency may vary, even between farts from the same region, as dietary fluctuations exist within most countries.“

Not surprisingly, the Kickstarter has raised only $30 so far. Sadly, if he doesn't reach the goal of $10,000 by March 7 nobody gets their fart jars I guess.