Two Oelwein men are accused of making and using counterfeit money.

Oelwein police said they executed a pair of search warrants in the city on Saturday (Nov. 26, 2016). During their search of a home in the 10 block of 6th St. NW, officers seized items used to manipulate and manufacture currency, counterfeit money, printers and illegal drugs. Authorities also seized nearly $4,000 in fake currency from a residence in the 10 block of 2nd Ave. NW.

After the searches, police arrested Forrest Spitzer and Michael Miller -- both of Oelwein. Spitzer, 41, is charged with fraudulent practices (a Class-D felony) and possession of controlled substances (a serious misdemeanor). Miller, 21, is charged with fraudulent practices and theft of lottery tickets (both Class-D felonies).

The case remains under investigation. According to Oelwein police, more arrests and charges are pending.