Let's just say it was a high-surge ride. Here's 'Crappy News' for July 25th.

Somewhere in North America- A casino was hacked...through its fish tank...

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The unnamed casino had a "smart" aquarium connected to the Internet in order to feed the fish and regulate the temperature.

A group of hackers from Finland realized the network wasn't secure so they "scanned and found other vulnerabilities...other places in the network." The security firm figured out what was going on before the hackers could get to that second step, and cut them off with just their intimate knowledge of the fish tank. [CNN]

A fish tank getting phished. That's a new one.

Houston, TX- A man has been ordered to pay 16 years of child support...for a kid that's not his!


45-year-old Gabriel Cornejo recently took a paternity test to prove that he was not the biological father of his ex-girlfriend's child. But a Texas law shows that you still owe any child support payments accrued before DNA results prove you aren't the father.

Because of this, Cornejo is currently on the hook for about 65 THOUSAND DOLLARS. His lawyer is trying to convince a judge to reopen the case. [Houston Chronicle]

Maybe ask Maury to get involved? That usually seems to work okay...

Boston, MA- An Uber driver has been fired following an X-rated ride.


Abel Manuel got an Uber a few weeks ago and noticed a woman sitting in the front passenger seat. Manuel noticed the woman grabbing, kissing and groping the driver...then she started loosening his belt and going DOWNTOWN on him mid-ride.

Obviously, Manuel was freaked out, so he did what everyone does these days...he recorded the act on his phone. Manuel then uploaded the amateur porn onto Uber's Facebook page. The ride-sharing app removed the driver from its database, refunded Manuel's trip and gave him a $10 credit. But Manuel is asking that more be done. [Gizmodo]

Seriously? The driver was fired, you received a refund AND additional money on your account...WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED?

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