LOGO_C-Falls-PD_[/caption]A two vehicle accident near a Cedar Falls elementary school has sent five people to the hospital.

It happened just before 8am Thursday, at the intersection of Greenhill Road and Rownd street.

A van attempted a left turn, but drove into the path of an oncoming vehicle. The resulting collission knocked the van onto it's side.

All five occupants of the van had to be extricated by the local fire department. Four were treated and released at Covenant Medical center in Waterloo, while a fifth occupant was held overnight.

According to sources, none of the injuries were serious.

Three of the passengers were children, ages 9-15. The accident happened about a half-mile south of Orchard Hill Elementary school.

Over the past five years, there have been 33 accidents at that intersection, six of them this year.

On Monday night, the Cedar Falls City Council had approved of putting stop signals at the site.