It's all the rage these days. Everyone seems to be playing Pokemon Go. But did you know that the game may cost your, even if you don't play?

How can the game cost you? Well, first and foremost, data usage on your mobile device. There are many examples of people running through their data plans and ending up paying A LOT more in overage costs. Imagine the surprise on your face when you get your cell bill and find out that your teenager has used 95% of your data and you end up paying for the extras. Yep, we'd confiscate the phone too.

Secondly, you could find yourself with some legal issues. For example, a man in Baltimore was playing Pokemon Go while driving. Of course, he wasn't paying attention and sideswiped a parked police front of the officers. Or, the two Canadian kids who accidentally crossed the border while playing. Both situations could have caused a ton of legal issues. The first one most definitely did create a couple of legal issues.

There are more ways that Pokemon Go can cost you. Personal injuries and so forth. For a full list of how the game may cost you, visit