A lot of people are getting a long weekend because of Martin Luther King Day, which started a minirant on the show this morning.

I always have complained about MLK Day, and how it is almost never celebrated on January 15 (the man's actual birthday, I know this because he shared the same birthday as my dad) because they'd rather manipulate the occasion to give people -- people meaning themselves -- a three-day weekend.

My point is you're not really honoring him then, are you?

That's a whole different debate, though.

Here's the thing.....January 15 was on a Friday this year, a perfect opportunity to honor Dr. King on his actual day AND give everyone the beloved three-day weekend, and they still had it on Monday the 18th.

A lot of places have today off, scheduled long before the weather went south. Some schools already had today as a holiday, while some are invoking weather holidays.

I started to give this some thought though mid-rant.......which kind of three-day weekend is better? They always Martin Luther Civil Rights Three-day Weekend Day on a Monday. Is that intentional? Do the lawmakers prefer making Monday the third day of the three-day weekend? Is that best?

Benefits of Friday-Saturday-Sunday: This is a great three-day weekend if you are traveling. You can bail right after work Thursday to get on the road and have a full Friday to enjoy. It's also a great way to get your....uh......celebrating by beverage on early. Once again, you already have Friday to get started!

Benefits of Saturday-Sunday-Monday: Friday at work or school is already tolerable, because you spend a good portion of the day thinking about the weekend anyway. Monday is never tolerable, so that maximizes work efficiency. And a full Monday off means recovery day from the weekend of getting in trouble.