August 20th is like a birthday, a holiday of sorts, for what was once the greatest invention of its time.

circa 1955: A small grey Ekco portable radio standing next to a vase of daffodils. (Photo by Chaloner Woods/Getty Images)

Radio was the original wifi. It was the original wireless everything.

In the 1860s people figured out you could transmit electromagnetic waves through air and space. It took some time to figure out how to transmit voice and music (what we do every day here at Waterloo Broadcasting), how to receive it (what you now do through your stereo, car radio, computer, cell phone), and then a little while longer for someone to figure out how to make money off it, and that led to the birth of the first commercial radio station in America.

KDKA in Pittsburgh started in October 1920. WOC in Davenport was the first radio station in the state of Iowa, February 18, 1922.

There have been more modern technological advances (obviously) but according to Nielsen -- the company who does TV and radio ratings -- more adults today listen to a radio than watch a TV. 93% to 87% respectively. 242 million people listen to a radio station every day.

Today is a day to celebrate something that has truly lasted over 95 years, adapted and improved over time, and if you're reading this you obviously have some level of attachment to this radio station.......and for that we are grateful. Thank you.