First of all, Iowa does not officially recognize Columbus Day as an official holiday, but what you do officially in your own household is up to you.......every day can be a holiday if you plan it out right.

Iowa acknowledges October 12 as Columbus Day -- state statute "encourages" the governor to do this -- they just don't give you the day off or give you a break from mail service like a lot of states do.

Some states don't even acknowledge Columbus Day at all. Hawaii has "Discoverers' Day" the second Monday of October, and South Dakota renamed today "Native American Day". Oregon straight-up acts like today is just plain ol' October 12 every year. Alaska just doesn't. Nobody seems to know why.

Some cities have given today a makeover, calling it "Indigenous People's Day" either instead of or in addition to Columbus Day. Nobody in Iowa has, but Madison and Minneapolis-St. Paul have. Albuquerque, Seattle, and Portland too. About a dozen cities in all have decided to honor the people who were waiting for Christopher Columbus when he supposedly discovered the land where we live now.

He wasn't even aiming for here, you know. He thought he was going to Spain; that was where he was going.

So the best way to celebrate Columbus Day is to travel somewhere and end up somewhere else, and enjoy that somewhere else.

Celebrate the man who doesn't ask for directions, like Christopher Columbus didn't ask anyone for jack.

Celebrate the person who stinks at their job but still gets the credit for all the successes, just like Christopher Columbus still does.

Whatever you do, have a great day though!