There's so much great new music out there, and Q92.3 can't play it all......or can we?

This is your chance to help us shape The New Sound Of Q92.3. Part of the beauty of being a station playing Contemporary Hit Radio (TM) is that we're always reinventing ourselves with new music.

So, we're going to feature a new song every weekday morning on the Q Morning Show and right here on, and we'd like you to tell us if you'd like to have it added to the playlist.

The Sierota family is back! Graham, Noah, Jamie, and lead singer Sydney Sierota are Echosmith. You know them from "Cool Kids" and also from "Bright", both songs that we play or have played on Q92.3.

What about "Let's Love"? Should this song be featured prominently on Q? Tell us if you want "Let's Love" added to the Q92.3 playlist.